Inter Cars, automotive spare parts distributor, the biggest in Central and Eastern Europe, number five in Europe and number ten in the world, has just opened one of the most modern logistics centres. The cost of investment was PLN 200m. Launching it will allow the future dynamic expansion.


The grand opening took place on the 31st May, with presence of all the strategic partners of the Company.


The centre provides full automation of the most important processes connected with processing orders from customers all over the world. 10 million parcels per year containing 130 million pieces of goods is the output of the new centre. It shall be supported by eight regional distribution centres, three in Poland and one in Latvia, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania and Croatia.


Currently Inter Cars has 462 branches all over Europe, including 236 outside Poland. The Company offers spare parts for passenger cars, trucks and motorcycles, distributes tyres, lubricants, batteries and body parts and garage equipment. As at the end of 2016 the share of export sales in total sales of the Group totalled to 36 percent. Within the next four years it is to reach the level of 45 percent. Further rapid growth of product range and development of activities of the company would not be possible without investment in logistics.


“Our logistics chain is ready for expansion. Each and every day we send three hundred cars in all directions ...” “Our logistics chain is ready for expansion. Each and every day we send three hundred cars in all directions ...” “As other segments of Inter Cars product range are rapidly developing, we are still working on development of new areas in the centre” – he added.


Launching another central warehouse shall lead to optimization of the costs of logistics – they shall grow slower than revenues and margins. The most modern sorters and warehousing systems shall provide increase of efficiency of the Company. The investment is favourable not only for Inter Cars, but also for the region - it has created over 250 new work places.


The grand opening was accompanied by meeting with business partners of the Company - branch owners, owners of car garages, suppliers, representatives of government and local authorities, and also representatives of investors and representatives of financial institutions.


“It is a great pleasure for me to hand in congratulations and words of recognition onto the hands of the Board of Inter Cars Group. Being the market leader, the Company sets strategic trends and directions for development of its industry. It creates innovative solutions. It supports development of Polish economy, effectively operating also outside Poland and outside the EU” - informed Jerzy Szmit, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction.


“I am really happy that together with the Board of Inter Cars we managed to combine the need of investor with the need of the region in the Special Economic zone, where the investment has been realized. I am really proud of the fact that the opening of the centre is not the finale of this great undertaking, but just the beginning of its development. And also of the fact that here, in this region holds such a place, from which products of Polish manufacturers will be delivered to customers all over the world. I know that over a half of products in portfolio of Inter Cars come from manufacturers and distributors from Poland” - said Wojciech Fedko, Vice-president of Polish Agency of Investment and Trade.


During the event, ten representatives out of over 50k cooperating with the Company all over Europe, were rewarded certificates of the Ambassador of Garage Chains in Poland. Partners providing top standards of customer care and striving for customer satisfaction received the reward.


“The success of Inter Cars is for our partners an added value and a part of their own success” – said Maciej Oleksowicz, the New President the Board of Managers of the Company. “The meeting was held with slogan of “synergy”, which best defines the way Inter Cars sees its role on the market and its function of socially aware Company. As synergy is cooperation. Combination of initiatives, which thanks to cooperation generate higher profits than each participant of business partnership might be able to generate separately” – he added.


Besides distribution of automotive spare parts, Inter Cars also operates in the area of semi-trailer construction, remanufacturing of car parts and logistics services. The Company is looking for other market niches which would provide for further development. Currently it is testing a programme “Car in a garage”, within which, with preferential conditions, it delivers vehicles to repair garages to be used as replacement cars for customers. It is also growing in agro segment and looking carefully at marine market.


At the moment of Initial Public Offering on Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2004, the Company was generating sales of approx. PLN 613m. Last year the Company closed with sales revenues reaching almost PLN 6bn. Another sales target is reaching at least PLN 10bn in 2020.