In order to increase efficiency and performance of quality management system and obtaining satisfaction of customers, Inter Cars S.A. in 2003 formulated and implemented a quality management system, which is in compliance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 norm.
Certifying body of the system was KEMA Quality Polska (currently DEKRA).

A process approach was adapted when formulating quality management system, according to recommendations stipulated in PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 norm. The Company defined:

  • Processes necessary in the system and their use in organization,
  • Sequence of processes and their mutual influence.

The organization provided access to resources and information and monitors processes. There where it is necessary measurements are performed.

In 2006 and in 2009 renewing audits were performed, which resulted in renewing validity of certificates for 3 succeeding years. Between audits, DEKRA certifying body performs annual control audits and every three years a recertifying one.

After a positive recertifying audit, which took place in Inter Cars on 28-29 June 2012, DEKRA extended validity of certificate for our company till 2015.

As a result of internal and external audits and current analysis, the company takes necessary actions and improves processes. The scope of management system of Inter Cars S.A. includes sales and distribution of automotive and industrial products.

Book of quality

The aim of book of quality is presenting the rules of quality management system within the organization, the scope of the system and exemptions of the processes and their mutual influence. It includes a list of processes (procedures) of the quality management system, and also includes general information about the Company.

The book of quality is a guidebook through the system and is designed for internal use in the company and for the customer in order to present him the functions of implemented quality management system (approved book if published in the Intranet – LIBRA – in electronic form, and its every new issue is marked with a subsequent number). It is a subject of ongoing updating.

Efficiency of management system of Inter Cars S.A.
Quality management system in organization works efficiently only if all employees of the Company are consciously engaged in its realization, who:

  • Have assigned role in the process,
  • Have defined authorizations and responsibilities,
  • Are aware that tasks performed by them have influence on final product and customers’ satisfaction.

All these requirements were met in Inter Cars S.A.