We are the biggest importer and distributor of automotive spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Our product range also includes garage equipment, especially tools for servicing, repairing and maintaining cars and also motorcycle spare parts and tuning parts.

We are a highly specialized logistic company, whose aim is organization and financing of goods flow from the manufacturers to local distributors, organized in the form of branches, who deliver goods to end users (garages, shops, individual customers, etc.). Via central warehouse, nearby Warsaw, and distribution chain, we are selling goods from around 500 manufacturers, mostly from European Union, to around 21 thousand registered customers.

Inter Cars product range contains the biggest number of spare parts in Eastern Europe. The product range consists of top quality goods from well known and renowned suppliers of parts for the first assembly and production lines, as well as cheaper goods of good quality, which come from less known manufacturers.

Inter Cars is a public limited company, listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange. IPO was done on 26th May 2004.

Short history of the Company

Inter Cars Company was established in 1990 as a civil partnership. Founders – Krzysztof Oleksowicz, Piotr Oleksowicz and Andrzej Oliszewski – since the very beginning they were dreaming of becoming a market leader in distribution of automotive spare parts. Only 6 years later our company managed to overtake the biggest companies in Poland, and the success was undoubtedly thanks to constant development of product range with goods for other makes of a car (after German makes it was next time for Italian and French cars, later for Japanese as well).

In 1998 Q-Service garage chain was inaugurated, working under Inter Cars brand. This was the first in Poland garage chain associating independent automotive garages. In the same year our company became a member of European PROREP organization, which associates companies dealing in distribution of engine parts.

A year later the company was transformed into a public limited company. Besides development of product range with tuning parts and garage equipment, in 1999 Inter Cars S.A. became a member of International Association of Automotive Spare Parts Distributors ATR International AG. 

Thanks to signing a cooperation contract between Q-Service and Auto Crew, the chain associating independent automotive servicing garages under Inter Cars brand was now much bigger. In order to ensure the right operations of the company, in 2000 in Cząstków Mazowiecki nerby Warsaw, Inter Cars opened a modern logistic centre. Premises with building area of 17,000 square meters also became the headquarters of the Company. This made it possible to open first branches in Poland (in Bielsko-Biała, Sosnowiec and Częstochowa). Inter Cars S.A. was growing, so natural step was beginning of expansion to foreign markets – Inter Cars Ukraine was the first foreign daughter.

In the same year the Company joined international association of companies dealing in remanufacturing automotive spare parts – APRA. As the first company in Poland we introduced into the market our own electronic catalogue of spare parts.

Responding to market needs the product range of the company was also broaden with body parts, grilles, bumpers, radiators, motorcycle parts and remanufactured automotive parts. In 2001 we implemented modern integrated IT system. This allowed online connection and placing order using Internet. The system made work much easier not only for us, but was also great advantage for our customers, who could place order without leaving their homes. The company did not stop developing electronic catalogue.

Year by year on the map appeared not only new branches of Inter Cars, but also new repair garages with Auto Crew logo. In 2002 the company was for the first time rewarded by “Polityka” weekly magazine and “Rzeczpospolita” daily paper – we were listed as one of 500 biggest Polish entrepreneurships. The company also got the title of “Market Leader”. In the following years the success was repeated many times. In 2004 Inter Cars S.A. got a “Gazela Biznesu” reward and title of “Euro Leader”.

2001 was the year in which we organized first in history “business to business” trade fair called Inter Cars Motor Show, and a year later a “May-day picnic with garage equipment". In 2003 Inter Cars Exhibition Fair of Spare Parts, Tools and Garage Equipment gathered 100 exhibitors from Poland and abroad, and they were visited by over 10,000 people. 5th Exhibition Fair gathered a record number of visitors – 15,000 people and were in the same time as 15th anniversary of establishment of the Company.

The year 2003 was the beginning of cooperation with remanufacturing company ELTEK. Three years later the company substantially broaden its product range and changed the name to Lauber LTD. In 2004 Inter Cars Czech Republic was established and also Feber – manufacturer of semitrailers, trailers and superstructure bodies.

On 26th May 2004 the company made an IPO on Warsaw Stock Exchange. Since than the value of the company has constantly been growing.

The year 2005 are two new projects. For the first time we have implemented the first professional point loyalty programme for our customers, called IC-Premia. The second achievement was launch of Inter Motors project and by this beginning of sales of legendary British brand – Triumph, as exclusive distributor. Later our offer was also stretched to Ducati motorbikes.

A year later we established Q-Service Motor Sport – first nationwide tuning garage chain in Poland. We also organized SZOK TEST, that is a of free of charge campaign of testing technical condition of vehicles. In 2007, a nationwide contest was started – “Do not weave – Assemble products of original quality”. The campaign was to promote automotive spare parts of manufacturers producing them also for the first assembly.

On 13th July 2007 Inter Cars S.A. and JC Auto S.A. announced a merger. Our company had very wide range of goods for European cars, but despite many trials we never managed to build such an extensive offer for Asian cars as JC Auto had. On the other hand JC Auto could not catch up with us regarding product range for European makes. In order to stop this pointless race, Krzysztof Oleksowicz and Jerzy Grabowiecki chose the best ever solution –a merger of two competing companies. Official merger took place in February 2008. Thanks to this step, a company offering the widest range of parts for all makes was created, and position of Inter Cars S.A. on European automotive aftermarket was made much stronger.

The year 2008 born a new “Industry” project and also broadening product range with spare parts for scooters.

In 2012 internet portal was launched. It is an innovative website thanks to which in an easy and user friendly way customers can combine purchase of spare parts with purchase of repair services. In other words you can buy automotive spare parts and accessories there, and at the same time you can order assembling of those parts in one of our professional garages. Motointegrator offer consists of one million products.

Today the owner of the company was talking with pride, that the success of Inter Cars S.A. is built not only by the Poles, but also by the Czech, Slovaks, Lithuanians, Ukrainians and other nationalities. We are proud that each of us is a part of success and takes part in realization of our targets, which currently are becoming a leader in Europe in distribution of automotive spare parts. Currently we are present in 16 countries on Old Continent: in Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Italy.

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