Operation segments

The core business of the Inter Cars S.A. Group is the sale of spare parts. Additionally, within the Group, the following companies operate: Feber sp. z o.o., Lauber sp. z o.o., IC Development & Finance sp. z o.o., ILS sp. z o.o., Q-service Truck sp. z o.o. and InterMeko Europa sp. z o.o., which are performing activities in different segments, such as: semi-trailer manufacturing, remanufacturing of spare parts and logistics services and sale of commercial vehicles. 

The most important companies, which together with Inter Cars S.A. compose Inter Cars Group, are:
  • Feber Sp. z o.o. The manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers is currently focussed on  the quality of products, which are sold on such markets as Scandinavia, Germany and Belgium.  In its business model the company focusses on having an offer tailored to customer needs. 
  • Lauber sp. z o.o. The object of activities of Lauber is regeneration of car parts, including: alternators, starters, steering gears as well as supporting pumps. Remanufacturing is based on reconstruction of mechanical parts using technologically advanced devices so as to make the rebuilt product have the same operational properties as a new one. Remanufacturing of parts allows avoiding costly purchase of new part as well as scrapping the old one - the quality of the remanufactured part does not differ from the factory-new part Following the strategy of development of the Company, distribution of products of the Company is realized mainly via distribution chain of Inter Cars SA. 
  • ILS sp. z o.o. Comprehensive logistics services provider, rendering services of warehousing and maintenance of goods for companies from Inter Cars Group (including Inter Cars S.A.), external companies from the industry ("spare parts manufacturers") and outside the industry.  ILS Company provides services in the country and abroad.  The company shall be the operator of Logistics Centre located in Zakroczym, which shall be the "business motor" for the whole Capital Group.  Launching the Centre in Zakroczym will substantially increase the efficiency of flow of goods and the level of service delivered to business partners and the customers of Inter Cars Group.   
  • Inter Cars Marketing Services sp. z o.o. - marketing activities   
  • Q-Service Truck is the first nationwide garage chain dealing with maintenance checks and repairs of commercial vehicles, i.e. trucks, trailers, semi-trailers and buses.  It is also an authorized dealer of ISUZU make with own sales showroom and servicing garage of these cars. 



Market situation


Automotive spare parts market was split into two main segments: 

  • first assembly parts
  • and aftermarket.  

The aftermarket, in turn, was divided into: 

  • segment of parts which manufacturers sell under their own brand  
  • segment of specialized manufacturers 
  • and independent segment, which is composed of independent from car manufacturers distribution channels (wholesalers, shops, independent garages, car centres, etc.). 


Car manufacturers vs. independent spare parts manufacturers 




Manufacturers of automotive spare parts are at the same time suppliers of parts for car manufacturers and to independent distribution chains.  80% of parts used for the first assembly come from independent suppliers,and only 20% are produced by car manufacturers themselves, and those are mainly construction elements of the vehicles. 


Most parts offered by car manufacturers in their authorised service stations are parts which come from independent manufacturers, only sold under the brand of a car maker.  Actually they are the same quality parts, as so called cross references, offered by independent garages.  The customer is able to get the parts from three sources: directly from the distributor, via a shop or an independent garages.  


Market share by distribution channels of automotive spare parts: 


Inter Cars operates in the segment of new parts (and in a very small part in the segment of remanufactured parts) delivered mostly by independent manufacturers to repair garages, which compose around 92% of total number of garages in Poland [source:  SDCM].

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