Our mission

Our customers see us as a leader in every segment in every market that is customer-friendly (pro-client) regardless of their size or specializations

We invest in development to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions for workshops and drivers. We offersafe and predictablecooperation for joint development.
We are a guide leading customers through the process of dynamic changes in the IAM market, in particular when zero-emission vehicles come into force.
Our internal processes are characterized by flexibility and rapid response to changes in the environment. We invest in the development of the company, making decisions through the prism of goals and values, based on data.


Our strategy:

Inter Cars uses its scale of operation and at the same time is organized in smaller, specialized business segments, thus acting agile and flexibly, able to compete with smaller companies.



Our paramount strategic aim is to build value for shareholders by optimum use of available intellectual potential and material potential and realization of professional development programs in areas connected with activity of the company. Another strategic aim is to keep the leading position in Middle-Eastern Europe.


Our vision

  • We are a stable, ambitious and innovative company and remember the importance of building customer loyalty, long-term relationships with our partners and optimizing existing processes.
  • We develop core-business in the field of product offerings, logistics of distribution networks based on unique knowledge, in these areas. We care about responsible business development in accordance with the motto "Sustainable automotive, for people and climate".
  • We build an environment of motivated people, employees-friendly companies, business partners, where people are engaged and care about the company as their own. We want to be in the TOP 10 companies where people want to work.
  • Our stakeholders see the company as profitable and growing faster than the competition. We are in the top 3 companies IAM (Independent Parts Market) in Europe.

Aims set in our vision we want to realize by:


  • Developing distribution chain in Poland and abroad;
  • Developing product and service range;
  • Implementing technical and organizational innovations, which are aimed to deliver Customers goods with top quality;
  • Improving business processes;
  • Forming positive image of the company;
  • Optimizing time of customer service;
  • Analysing needs and expectations of customers;
  • Constant development of employees;
  • Constant development of Quality Management System in order to meet customers’ needs and expectations.


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