Inter Cars has 310 branches, 162 of them in the country. (as at October 2014).  
The "Parkiet" daily paper nominated Inter Cars for the title of Stock Exchange company of the year 2013, from mWIG40 index.
In 2013 the sales revenues of foreign daughter companies were substantially more than PLN 1bn.
14. Inter Cars EXPO is over 200 exhibitors from automotive industry, 40 thousand visitors, numerous hours of trainings, presentations and business talks.
In 15th edition of the most important and the most prestigious rank of stock exchange companies organized by the Council of Puls Biznesu and TNS Poland the first honourable place went to Inter Cars SA.
Within the campaign promoting Polish apples, the Employees and Guests of Inter Cars ate in total over 20 tones of apples.
On 3rd October 2014 Inter Cars SA. signed a contract on issuance of bonds program.
Inter Cars SA, as one of not many automotive aftermarket spare parts distributors in Europe has its own laboratory – Labo-Tech. The lab tests automotive spare parts regarding meeting technical norms and quality requirements.
In 2012 the sales revenues of the Group were more than PLN 3bn.
Our company has its own football team. The last success of our footballers was taking I place in VI International Championships of Polish Companies and Factories in Football.
The ambassador of website is a racing driver, Krzysztof Hołowczyc.
In II Edition of contest “Do not weave – Assemble products of original quality” the value of prizes reached the level of 2,000,000 PLN.
In 2008 Inter Cars S.A. had 122 branches in Poland; two years later – 137 branches.
At the end of 2007 Inter Cars S.A. had 92 branches in Poland and 16 branches of JC Auto, 418 Q-Service garages, 38 Q-Service Truck garages, 56 Auto Crew garages and 450 Perfect Service garages.
In 2007 the I edition of Garage Masters' Gala took place
I edition of nationwide contest “Do not weave – Assemble parts of original quality" took place in 2007. The campaign was to promote automotive spare parts of manufacturers producing them also for the first assembly. The value of prizes in I edition reached the level of 1,000,000 PLN.
First nationwide tuning chain is Q-Service Motor Sport, which was established in 2006.
Szok Test was a campaign organized by Inter Cars S.A. of free tests of technical condition of vehicles.
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