Below electronic version of Issue Prospectus of Inter Cars S.A. is published only for information reasons. Issue Prospectus in a printed form is available at:

  • Inter Cars S.A. registered seat – Warsaw, at Powsińska 64
  • CDM Pekao S.A. registered seat – Warsaw, at 18 Wołoska street
  • Securities and Exchange Commission Information Centre – Warsaw, 1 Powstańców Warszawy Square
  • Centrum Promocji Giełdy Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie S.A. - Warsaw, at 4 Książęca street
  • CDM Pekao S.A. Customer Service Points

Extract of the Prospectus was published in Warsaw Exchange newspaper “Parkiet” on 5th May 2004.

Shares stipulated in Inter Cars S.A. Issue Prospectus were offered to public in compliance with article 61 and articles 68 and 72 of act Law on Public Trading in Securities.

Supervisory body over capital market, which on 26th April 2004 gave consent for IPO of Inter Cars S.A. shares stipulated in Issue Prospectus of Inter Cars is Securities and Exchange Commission with its registered seat in Warsaw, at 1 Powstańców Warszawy square. Subscription of shares stipulated in Issue Prospectus of Inter Cars S.A. can only be performed in the territory of Poland. On the territory of other countries Issue Prospectus of Inter Cars S.A. can only be used as a source of information.

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