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The service uses persistent cookies employed to store user preferences, such as language, font size, etc. They are:

  • cookies – statistics for the service
  • cookie combined with plug-in „AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget”, which is used for easier sharing of the content using social services. Privacy policy of Addthis is described at: (after choosing the service which will be used for sharing the contents, the browser will be storing cookie files from that webpage)
  • Session cookies (which expire after the session ends)


Additionally the service uses:

  • Cookies marking completing a survey (is such surveys are performed on the webpage)
  • Cookies generated when switching to another version of the service, i.e. mobile version and wai version.
  • Session cookies (expire after the session is closed) – used for logging into services and webpage panels.
  • Cookies generated when the width of the page is modified (if service has this functionality turned on).
  • Cookies marking that privacy policy has been accepted.

External servers, from which we are presenting some materials, can use cookies, which allow logging and can be used for providing ads suitable for users’ preferences. Especially those are cookies:

In service – storing user preferences and click counter (described in privacy policy at

In service and – allowing to log in, and also cookies loaded by advertisers allowing to adapt shown ads to user preferences (cookies policy available at

Cookies can be managed in each browser: Level of security can be set in each browser up to total cookies blocking. This increases security level but can disable some functionalities, e.g. logging into an e-mail account.

How to modify cookie settings in browsers:

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer 6.0 i 7.0

Mozilla Firefox



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