On 22nd May 2013, in Intercontinental Hotel in Warsaw, the Board of Inter Cars S.A. organized a conference during which financial results of Inter Cars Group for the year 2012 were presented, together with development plans for the years 2013-2014.

The Company was represented by: 
Co-founder and main shareholder – Krzysztof Oleksowicz, CEO – Robert Kierzek,
Vice-President – Krzysztof Soszyński,
Members of Management Board – Wojciech Milewski and Witold Kmieciak,
Authorised Clerk and CFO – Piotr Zamora and 
responsible for foreign branches Authorised Clerk – Tomas Kastil.

The conference was attended by many invited guests: investors, shareholders, business partners and representatives of Inter Cars Group.

The conference was opened by Piotr Zamora, CFO of the Company, informing about generated consolidated revenue of the Company which reached the level of over 3 billion PLN (2,049,224 PLN in domestic revenue; 249,606 million PLN – export from the country; 704,276 million PLN – foreign distribution companies). The result is the effect of consistently realized policy of development (inter alia: extensive distribution chain in Poland and abroad, cooperation with repair garages, developing product range, implementing new and modern internet solutions and communication solutions) and stable financial condition of the Company.

Currently Inter Cars S.A. has 278 branches, including 156 domestic branches and 122 branches abroad (in: Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Italy). The Company sells goods made by 239 manufacturers and delivers products to over 20,000 repair garages. Since 2013 it is listed as a part of mWIG40 index on Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Trying to meet current trends, in 2012 Inter Cars launched the most modern internet website -Motointegrator, which offers not only a wide selection of automotive spare parts and accessories, but also a wide range of repair services rendered by Inter Cars chain garages all over the country. It is a project designed for retail Customers, end users, and after only one year from launching it, it is visited by almost one million users per month.

Important part of the policy of the Company is a developed logistic system, which assures the fastest distribution of products in each region of the country. As the Company is developed abroad, its logistic system is growing with it and now covers the territory of Middle-Eastern Europe. After the Board decision, an independent logistic company has been established, ILS ltd., whose task is to offer and deliver logistic and warehousing services to business partners.

The Company is still developing garage chains – Q-Service and Perfect Service, which are branded with Inter Cars quality logo (providing full range of services, unique standards of services, chain guarantee and top availability of servicing garages all over the Country). Besides numerous sales support programmes and marketing activities, the Company also invests in trainings for garage employees. Currently there are 5 Mobile Training Centres going through the Country, in which training programs are realized.

Inter Cars, in cooperation with business partners, supports education and development of young people from schools with automotive profile. That is why Inter Cars participates in Young HR programme, within which the schools with automotive profiles get the most modern equipment and devices for car diagnostics, as well as technical knowledge which is necessary in the process of educating future garage employees. It is also organizing internships for vocational school graduates.

During the conference the new website with reports for investors was presented (  www.inwestor.intercars.com.pl). It will make interaction between the Company, Investors and Media much more efficient and easier. Its content will add extra information from the life of the Company, comments of representatives of the Company to published reports and possibility a specific dialogue with the Board of Managers.

It is also worth noticing the information about a record monthly revenue in the history of the Company, reached in April 2013, amounting to 283.8 million PLN. It is the effect of sales increase in Poland, as well as in foreign daughter companies (inter alia: in Ukraine, Romania, Latvia and Bulgaria).

The plans of Inter Cars S.A. for 2013-2014 include further development of logistic centre in Mysłowice, development of logistic centre in Czosnów, increasing storage area in Romania and investment in online selling tools in Poland, Czech, Slovakia and in Germany.