Between 7 and 9 October there was the great finale of the Festive Gala competition – the most important promotion, organized by Inter Cars this year. There were lots of guests and Gołębiewski Hotel in Karpacz there were lots of Customers of the Company, ready to spend a nice weekend together, full of attractions and emotions.



GE and garage chains
There were also meetings for those who wanted to talk business just after arriving to the hotel. There was a special garage equipment exhibition, and there - especially prepared offers for purchasing devices or possibility of signing a very attractive leasing contract. Moreover the GE Department and suppliers presented lots of new items in the product range, which had their premier during Automechanika Expo in Frankfurt 2016. These were new lines of diagnostic tools made by Bosch and devices for calibrating cameras on vehicles. One could visit a consultancy booth prepared for those interested in injection system repairs. One could see live work of those devices and ask about ways of checking and repairing the system. The garage equipment zone was also full of sporting competitions and emotions. Everybody had a chance to take part in “GE Rally with rewards”, i.e. a race in a professional 3D racing simulator. Garage equipment exhibition was available for the guests for the whole weekend.


Also on Friday the Customers had a chance to meet representatives of garage chains associated by Inter Cars. At 4 p.m. there was a presentation “From the road to a handshake, i.e. how to increase standards to meet growing expectations of Customers.” Speakers tried to show garage owners how to adapt standards of a service to growing expectations of their customers. They also tried to convince customers to look at their own business from a totally different perspective - of current or prospective customers. This is to think about what the drivers pay attention to when getting to a garage and how they want to be served. Meetings of garage chains were continued on Saturday - so that everyone interested could have a chance to take part in them.


Half seriously and half in joke
Ceremonial inauguration of the Festive Gala 2016 was held on Friday evening. The official part was open by a speech by Robert Kierzek, President of Inter Cars. After welcoming the guests he said about the plans of the Company for the nearest and a bit more distant future. He presented current situation of the automotive market, which seems to be very positive. The CEO of Inter Cars drew attention to the need of adapting activities of garages to technical and also social and market situation. We are all aware that the average customer profile is currently changing; a new, mobile generation is entering the market, the so-called “now” generation. It is expecting to be served now, at once, fast and with no complications. It is a kind of time marker, which is faced by every entrepreneur. - People born between 1980 and 2000 are approximately 11 million consumers which account for 30% of the whole society. It is estimated that by 2025 the so-called “Millennials” will account for 75% of labour supply. It will be a dominating market power, being also the best educated generation in history. Also it will be the group of society with the greatest purchase power. - said Robert Kierzek to Guests in the Gala. – Those customers want to have in the package a product, like a car, all the necessary added values, that is first of all the maintenance service, insurance, tyre change, assistance, etc. That is why especially important area for the independent garages is the so called, presence of the garage in a chain – he added.


After the speech of the President of Inter Cars, the representatives of Festive Gala 2016 strategic partners delivered theirs. Castrol Company was represented by Anna Wilczek and Leszek Radzikowski, Bosch Company - Paweł Hańczewski and Sławomir Kosek, TRW - Sławomir Góralewski, whilst ZF - Adam Światowy. The latest two also confirmed a merger of ZF and TRW and creation of a huge structure, ZF Aftermarket.


After the official part it was time for entertainment. During the comic evening the Customers were having fun because of sketches of the most popular Polish comic formations: Kabaret pod Wyrwigroszem, Paranienormalni and Maciej Stuhr. The audience went through a real laughter marathon.


What is going on in the industry?
„Peace favours the business” – this old saying was reflected during the Gala weekend. The organizers did their best to ensure comfortable conditions for business talks and meetings during the day. From early morning the representatives of suppliers - partners of the Gala contests were at customers’ service. For this reason the organizers prepared a special expo zone, in the form of a mini-fair. On Saturday the Guests could also visit the Garage Equipment tent and garage chain Show Car.


Ecology was also not forgotten, so the Bio Service department from Inter Cars just had to be there as well. Garage owners could also take part in a meeting “Advantages of energy audit”. During the day, also the customers involved in ecological activities were given rewards for their proecological activities.


Customers rewarded for their ecological activity:


  • Marek Jóźwiak from PW Adams
  • Macin Wróbel from Wulkan s.c.
  • Mateusz Turbański from Turbańscy sp. z o.o.


Branch owners rewarded for their ecological activity:


  • Krzysztof Wyrębowski from Łódź Branch Group
  • Dariusz Pietrzak from Bielsko Branch Group
  • Ryszard Paluczek from Poznań Branch Group


Tasteful afternoon
At 13:00 hours the Gala Guests had a chance to meet Magda Gessler, well-known restaurateur, owner and co-creator of many restaurants. Mrs Gessler caught everyone with her lively behaviour and great sense of humour. Participants of the meeting could see what the star of “Kitchen Nightmares” and “Master Chef” is really like. As a culinary expert, she showed the guests how important is the influence of good cooking on family ties, presenting several recipes of Polish traditional cuisine, which are a perfect aphrodisiac.


Besides culinary experience, Saturday afternoon was also a meeting of Inter Cars customers with Jacek Walkiewicz. One of the most remarkable Polish trainers and motivational speakers, who is well-known of his witty and breath-taking presentations. During the meeting, he was trying to show how important it is (especially in the automotive garage industry) to follow changes; create brave vision and aim, and also high standard of customer care and relations.


Everybody sing with us...
On Saturday night the guests took part in the great Gala. The event itself was associated with the unforgettable drinking song galas. In this case the repertoire and the show was prepared and delivered by Zbigniew Górny, originator of the first gala from the 90s, with his orchestra and accompanying artists: Katarzyna Jamróz, Gang Marcela, Władysław Grzywna, Kwartet Rampa, Beata Rybotycka, Hanna Śleszyńska, Robert Rozmus and Jacek Wójcicki. Daring performance and undeniable passion of the artists moved all the guests to join common, joyfully fun. They were having fun and singing altogether.


During the Saturday evening, the host of the evening was Radosław Grześkowiak, Advertising and Marketing Director of Inter Cars, and Sabina Jeszka, singer and winner of “Mam talent” show. The Festive Gala was also a chance of handing in rewards for the winners of the contest.


The winners of the Festive Gala 2016 contest by regions:

North-East Region


  • Vcentrum Sp. z o.o. – winner in the rank - garage, PKW
  • Auto Części Firma Handlowo Usługowa, Jan Żukowski – winner in the rank - shop with a garage, PKW
  • Przedsiębiorstwo Usługowo Handlowe PRYMUS, Paweł Połeć – winner in the rank - LKW


Central Region


  • Mechanika Diagnostyka Samochodowa, Piotr Malcher – winner in the rank - garage, PKW
  • Auto Tomas Tomasz Długosz – winner in the rank - shop with a garage, PKW
  • Kampol Kamila Biedrzycka – winner in the rank - LKW


South Region


  • Inter-Car Sp. z o.o. – winner in the rank - garage, PKW
  • RM Auto Serwis S.C., Tomasz Mol, Dariusz Mol – winner in the rank - shop with a garage, PKW
  • AUTO-MATUNIN Sp. z o.o. - winner in the rank - LKW


North Region


  • Twój Samochód, Magdalena Jeziorska – winner in the rank - garage, PKW
  • A.C.D. Cars S.C., Remigiusz Dagil, Tomasz Dagil – winner in the rank - shop with a garage, PKW
  • Firma Handlowo-Usługowa BJM Sp. z o.o. - winner in the rank - LKW


East Region


  • Carstar Sp. z o.o. – winner in the rank - garage, PKW
  • Inter Auto, Tomasz Bucior – winner in the rank - shop with a garage, PKW
  • Intertransport Spółka z o.o. - winner in the rank - LKW


The culmination of the whole evening was the Garage Masters’ Lottery. During the lottery, one lucky guest won PLN 50,000 and other two lucky winners got PLN 25,000.


Saturday night fever!
The coping of Festive Gala was a concert of the greatest star of Disco Polo music. These were three hours of fun at top speed. Music bands: Afterparty, Weekend and of course Boys gave the best of themselves – just like the audience having fun with them. Surely no-one could have moaned for lack of attractions during this unique evening.