On the basis of spare parts tests there are decisions on approving spare parts for being sold on the market or not. Many times it means issuing permission for assembling spare parts responsible for safety of driving in vehicles. That is why certainty of correctness of test results is a priority for Intermeko testing laboratory activities, a lab that belongs to Inter Cars.

Certificates, norms and documents are created as a response to the needs of customers, for whom the quality of purchased products is crucial. When choosing the parts, important information is the fact that it has been tested before. If additionally we know that the laboratory performing the tests has its competence confirmed by certificates, the confidence and trust of customers is even higher. Such a confirmation is the certificates which are w proof of reliability and objectiveness.

Wishing to ensure the customers about independence and conscientiousness of performed tests, Intermeko also took a decision of participating in the process of verification. Its aim was obtaining a certificate confirming that the lab, belonging to Inter Cars, operates line with criteria of PN-EN ISO 17025 norm in this area. The norm defines general requirements regarding competence of testing laboratories. So meeting those requirements is a proof of objectiveness, repeatability and reliability of all the tests performed in the laboratory that operates on its principles.

Process of approving a laboratory by TÜV

Intermeko laboratory was looking for a trustworthy entity - reliable, objective and having long-standing experience in the area of assessing systems and tests, specialising in the automotive industry, and moreover, thanks to a worldwide chain of laboratories, recognizable all over the world. Analysis of market showed that all these requirements are met by TÜV Rheinland. Cooperation with TÜV Rheinland, contact with and suggestions of an experienced team of people, enriched knowledge of Intermeko employees. Development which resulted from this know-how led to an audit which was to verify the competence of the laboratory.

Implemented management system, testing methods, employee competence and used measuring devices were checked during the audit. By this, every factor influencing the work of the laboratory has been checked. All this just to make sure that approval of the laboratory was not just a coincidence. The highest level of rendered services has been confirmed with proofs. As a result it has been decided that in controlled area of Intermeko laboratory the company operates on the basis of PN-EN ISO 17025 norm.

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