In the coming days, Customers of Inter Cars shall be delivered the newest issue of IC Wiadomości magazine. As always, it is full of technical and technological advice, product information and news from the industry.

The subject area of the newest issue of Wiadomości IC is unavoidably heading towards autumn. Inside there are many topics connected with this time of the year, such as: glow plugs, brake system, suspension, tyres, parking heating and injection systems. One can find them in articles that contain not only information about new products in product range of the Company and current promotions, but also some technical advice on them. There are also information on the industry news and current affairs on the market.

The editorial office of IC Wiadomości also describe topics regarding business support for garages, such as: new technical-diagnostic database, chain garages, Bio Service, IC Katalog Online and eSOWA. Also activities of Inter Cars aimed at the youngest generation of mechanics, the future specialist employees of the industry, are also reflected in this issue. Among them one can name list “Young HR” programme, Master Mechanic and Car Mechanic powered by Inter Cars.

The newest issue of IC Wiadomości shall soon be delivered to all Customers all over Poland. One can also read it in E-version.