Beautiful women and equally beautiful cars are the leading theme of the Inter Cars calendar 2017. The publication, which by many is named a Polish version of Pirelli calendar, fascinates with its image.

Each and every month consists of an exceptional model and a unique machine. The photos present breath-taking, classical cars, and also unique and special motorbikes. Proudly presenting with them are the most attractive Polish models, including Magdalena Perlińska, Miss Monster Energy, Matylda Wielgosz, Playmate 2016 of Polish Playboy, or Monika Ordowska, former Miss Warsaw. Also the scenery of taking the photos is worth noticing. Thanks to a suitable light arrangement and special effects one can see and feel the unique climate.

The author of the photos is a top-grade photographer, Voyo Bąkiewicz. - The lead theme of the calendar is discover spirit. The discoverers are electrifying women, in love with motorization. The relation between models and machines is the fascination with being with the machine and the spirit of motorization - says Voyo Bąkiewicz, adding - We have been looking for suitable, legendary cars, with nobility that sets cultural trends for decades, and is also a reflection of classics appreciated by world film stars, politicians and celebrities. On the other hand the calendar presents machines, reflecting the need of creating spectacular constructions limited only by the madness of their constructor. The models shall guide us through this world of dreams.

The publication has been created in cooperation with key suppliers of Inter Cars: Castrol, Knecht, Mahle, Behr, Ferodo, Moog, TRW, Texa, Profitool and Evert Garage Equipment. Other pages of the calendar are promoting private brands of the Company: Q-Service, Perfect Service, Q-Service Premium, Q-Service Truck, Inter Motors, Feber and Motointegrator.

Inter Cars calendar has been printed since the year 2005. Each time it strikes with unique concept and perfect realization on the highest possible level. But two elements remain unchanged. First - the aim, which is promotion of Inter Cars, with special emphasis on premium brands. Second - recipients, i.e. Customers of the Company in Poland and also in other countries.

The circulation of the calendar 2017 is 30,000 pieces. They will be distributed by Inter Cars branches.