Goodman, global expert in logistics real estate, is developing warehouse of logistics company ILS from Inter Cars Group, the biggest in Central and Eastern Europe distributor of automotive spare parts. Thanks to the new investment the floor space rented by ILS in Goodman Sosnowiec Logistics Centre shall increase by 65%.

The warehouse will be purpose made for ILS, its intended use will be storing and distribution of automotive spare parts for Inter Cars S.A. Goodman shall deliver a warehousing area equipped with energy-saving LED lighting and additional office space. The end of investment is planned for the first quarter of 2016.

- Enlargement of logistics facilities in Sosnowiec will make it possible to develop in the area of Upper Silesia and will also make our logistics more efficient. Instead of looking for a new location, we have chosen the Goodman company, which will deliver us the perfect solution allowing us to keep the operational effectiveness of delivery chain and at the same time to increase the scale - says Wojciech Aleksandrowicz, the President of the Board of ILS.

The first warehouse for ILS, including 24,760sqm. of storage space and 1,490sqm of office area, was open for use in December 2014. The building is fully equipped with LED lighting - this is the first investment of Goodman in Poland using such a solution.

- Decision of ILS on developing its warehouse space confirms that Goodman can build partner relations with its customers, based on mutual trust. Choice of the logistics centre in Sosnowiec is also a result of its strategic location and our approach to real estate based on flexibility, active management and long-term perspective of having them in our portfolio - says Błażej Ciesielczak, Regional Director of Goodman for Central and Eastern Europe.

Goodman Sosnowiec Logistics Centre with its planned final area of 66,000sqm. is located in Maczki Bór town, 15 km away from Sosnowiec. Direct connection with the express road S1, connecting the centre with highways A4 and A1, ensure perfect conditions for national and international distribution. The park also has access to public transport.

Besides the logistics centre in Sosnowiec, Goodman also develops one more park in Silesia. In Goodman Gliwice Logistics Centre there is currently the first warehouse being constructed, where 13,400sqm. is being buils speculatively. The advisor of both those investments is Colliers International company.

- Upper Silesia is one of the most attractive regions in Poland, regarding the demand requested by the customers as well as regarding area being built by constructors. The most favourable is perfectly developed infrastructure, which is mostly used by all logistics operators, such as ILS - says Małgorzata Zbróg, Logistics and Industrial areas Director in Colliers International.