Show Car Trucks, which are owned by Inter Cars SA, have been visiting branches all over Poland and abroad for several years now. They are used to realize in them a programme of free technical trainings in cooperation with key suppliers of spare parts and chosen departments and projects of Inter Cars. Spectacular trucks, which almost within a second turn into a training room, are a perfect promotional tool and take part in all the most important events.

Inter Cars still developing! In 2016 there are over 100 new branches to be open Europe-wide, and as a result it turned out that two trucks may not be able to satisfy growing demand for their services. At the beginning of this year there have been some problems with creating a schedule for two trucks, mainly because of increased demand for show cars on foreign markets.  In order to increase the potential of internal and external customers, the board of the company took a decision to build a third truck.

– We are sure that we will build dynamic schedules of routes in 2016 for all three trucks Show Car. By this we will give more possibilities to branches in Poland and other countries – says Rafał Jaskułka, Event Department Manager in ICMS sp. z o.o.

Building a Show Car was started on the turn of September and October this year. Feber Company produced a dedicated chassis. Next Etis Company started building the so-called container, which thanks to the most modern technology turns in no time into a training room. Etis is the creator of two previous semi-trailers for Inter Cars, so it has experience and knows perfectly the specification and the aim of trucks.

At the end of October, the heart of the trailer was delivered, the aggregate. Soon after the first technical approvals took place. We are planning the vehicle to be ready to hit the road in the first quarter of 2016.

The third container will be technically similar to its antecedents. Just like its older brothers, it shall have hydraulic operated sides, and inside a training room, adapted to deliver lectures and technical trainings. The room is connected with the expo area, where there will be an exhibition of hand tools available from Inter Cars SA. This Show Car will be a very modern one. Inside the room there will be fixed multimedia devices. They are to help in presenting Inter Cars product range using the new IC Katalog Online and other programmes and applications for Customers.

The container is fully built of ultralight materials, necessary for this kind of projects, to ensure their malfunction-free operation of side boards combined with stairs. Unfolding the trailer will be realized like till today, without any help of third parties. Construction of the semi-trailer is not a mass production. Their constructions, as well as the coating are handmade.

Show Car will be pulled by an American truck, Freightliner Coronado XL from 2006 – a model well known from the silver Show Car.
The New Show Car will be red. Its external design is to be associated with design.