Motointegrator has launched a new option, thanks to which garages can encourage customers to reach for a special offer for services in garages.


Soon every garage registered at, will be able to create a promotion in several minutes and with just one click make it available for the users of Motointegrator. The garage determines itself what services it wants to promote and sets up details of promotion - time of the promotion, price, conditions, and next publishes ready information on its website on Motointegrator. The promotion can be set on any service provided by the garage, starting from tyre change, through computer diagnostics, to LPG system installation. The choice is on the side of the garage.


If a garage has no idea what service to promote, it will have a chance to use Motointegrator promotion packages and choose a promotion from a list of popular services provided by mechanics. Garage promotions have been created to give garages a possibility of gaining new customers, e.g. in the periods when the demand for them is lower. Wisely chosen and regularly refreshed garage promotions are a way of having a full schedule for the whole year.


How does it work? After logging to the garage profile at, the garage should go to „Promotions” tab. In order to add a promotion, fill in a short form, where one needs to give some details - name of the service, time frame, price and possible conditions of the offer. The same way a garage can choose a promotion from the list of suggested Motointegrator promotions. After a while the promotion is visible to the customers at the garage website.


Soon the users of the website, on demand, will be able to see in the search results at, garages with active promotions. Motointegrator is also planning to create an offer of authorial promotions, to which all the garages will be able to join. Motointegrator is open free of charge for every garage in Poland. In order to join the search engine, it is enough to log in at the website (using IC Katalog login and password) and in a few simple steps activate a business card of a garage.


More information about Motointegrator offer for garages can be obtained from Sales Representatives of Inter Cars and by calling a hotline at +48 22 511 30 30.