16th EXPO of Spare Parts, Tools and Garage Equipment of Inter Cars is a great source of information regarding product news in the automotive industry. It is a great opportunity to learn about industry trends and market news. The organizers of the event did their best to make the attractions during the event really interesting. Here are some of them.


Full jubilee
16th Exhibition Fair of Spare Parts, Tools and Garage Equipment will be a chance to celebrate this impressive jubilee. During the Expo, Inter Cars will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Q-Service chain. On this occasion, in the Development Zone, there will be a special VIP zone for chain customers. Another attraction waiting for the guests will be the finale of this year's edition of Master Mechanic competition, the biggest in Poland on-line contest of technical knowledge.


Garage Equipment Hall
Garage equipment during the 16th EXPO of Inter Cars will be located in a separate hall. In comparison to the previous editions of the event, the zone this year will have a record area. The exhibition will be located on 5.5K m2 and shall hold approximately 10K products. In Hall D there shall be the so called Heavy Duty Zone with hoists and tyres. One shall also find there: diagnostics zone and A/C zone, Diesel zone, zone presenting leading software for mechanics and garages, zone with special tools for the automotive industry and many more. All the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Inter Cars for garage equipment will be located in one place. This guarantees that each of the customers can find somewhere interesting for them. The exhibition will be enriched with numerous presentations and shows presenting the product possibilities.


All special offers and promotions prepared by the Garage Equipment Department on the occasion of upcoming Expo can be found in a special publication which shall reach the customers before 22nd September. Of course there will be also the main catalogue of GE, which will have its premiere just before the event. On 400 pages we shall be presenting the most important products and the offer of the department. What is important, practically everything what will be presented in the catalogue, one will be able to see with one's own eyes, and also touch during the Expo. Inter Cars Guests will also be presented a special attractive promotions „Expo super-price for expo items”. Within this promotion one will be able to purchase with special conditions approximately 2K products presented at the Expo (one piece of each device).


Body Shop
Body Shop Zone is a part of Garage Equipment Hall. It is a place meant for all the topics which are somehow combined with car body repairs and painting. All the visitors of the Expo will also meet multiple other attractions. One of them is a professional car body painting cabin, which can be found in the best garages specializing in car repairs. Specialists from Inter Cars, together with experts from partners shall provide shows, during which they shall pass professional knowledge to the guests and tell about the newest trends in painting car body parts. Besides that there shall also be a repair frame for after-crash repairs of body parts, and also a place where presentations on polishing welds shall be held. Moreover we are planning a presentation of a mass spraying gun which makes it possible to imitate the factory mass layer.


Car for a garage
Inter Cars Expo gives a possibility of learning about new services offered by the Company. One of them is a “Car for a garage”. It enables garages cooperating with Inter Cars obtaining new cars at attractive financial conditions, which may be used as replacement cars for their customers. The programme is also a response to other needs of garages, including rental and leasing of cars.


The offer „Car for a garage” currently includes such cars as: Skoda Rapid, Toyota Auris, Corolla, Avensis, Volkswagen Passat and BMW series 3. The list of vehicles is constantly growing and is being updated on the basis of the most favourable conditions and possibilities of purchasing new models, resulting in the most favourable leasing conditions.


More information about the programme will be available on booth number 328.


16th Expo of Inter Cars will be held on 22-24 September 2017 at the commons of the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw. For three days, on the area of approximately 20,000 square metres there will be 200 exhibitors. Additional attraction will be the Inter Cars Motor Show, which partners are Castrol and Goodyear. It is an exceptional event, with over 50 contestants from different sports. On Saturday in the evening, Inter Cars shall invite its guests to the concert - Dancing PGE National.


Updated information about the event can be found at  www.targi.intercars.com.pl.



source: motofocus.pl