We strongly recommend getting familiar with below objection. By selecting I ACCEPT „AKCEPTUJĘ” you will confirm that you got familliar with it and you understand it and agree with limits in it. 

All information on this pages are meant to be published outside Polish territory (territory of Poland). Outside Poland

The Company's Polish documents are the only binding documents prepared by the Company. Neither the Company nor any of its advisors take any responsibility whatsoever for the Translation and its accuracy or content. The contents have been prepared for information purposes only and does not constitute an article of association within the meaning of the Polish Law on Public Trading in Securities of August 21, 1997, as amended (“Polish Securities Act”). The information does not constitute an offer or an invitation by or on behalf of the Company. Shares in this memorandum were offered for distribution only in Polish territory and cannot be ofered outside the country (including EU countries and USA), unless such an offer is possible without any additional law requirements to be fulfilled. Each investor living outside the Polish territory should get familliar with all the rules and requirements of Polish law and law of other countries which may apply to him.

Full version of Memorandum available on request directly from the Company.

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