Text of the report

The Management Board of Inter Cars S.A. (the “Company”) hereby announces the Inter Cars Group’s preliminary estimated consolidated financial results for 2021. In 2021, the Group earned preliminary estimated consolidated revenue of PLN 12,244m and estimated net profit of PLN 699m, up by 34% and approximately 110%, respectively, year on year.


The Inter Cars Group’s preliminary estimated consolidated net profit for the fourth quarter of 2021 was PLN 225m, up by approximately 103% year on year.


As at December 31st 2021, the Group’s estimated debt ratio (net debt to EBITDA) was approximately 1.2, down by 29% compared with the end of 2020.


The estimated inventories at the Inter Cars Group as at December 31st 2021 were PLN 3,103m, up by approximately 40% compared with the end of 2020.


The Company’s Management Board further announces that details concerning the final results recorded by the Company and the Inter Cars Group in 2021 will be provided in the consolidated and separate periodic reports for 2021, which will be published on April 28th 2022.


Legal basis

Art. 17 ust. 1 MAR - informac je poufne.


Persons representing the Company

  • Krzysztof Soszyński - Vice President of the ManagementBoard
  • Piotr Zamora - Member of the Management Board