Inter Cars S.A. strives to be seen as the best company in automotive industry regarding quality of goods and services and customer service. Our strategic aim is to keep the position of leader in Middle-Eastern Europe and reaching a leading position in whole Europe. We also put emphasise on professional management and further development of our company by investing in new and modern technologies.

We also support development and consolidation of quality by offering trainings for garages and Young HR programme, which supports process of education of young people in schools which specialize in automotive industry.

Aims set in our vision we want to realize by:

  • Developing distribution chain in Poland and abroad;
  • Developing product and service range;
  • Implementing technical and organizational innovations, which are aimed to deliver Customers goods with top quality;
  • Improving business processes;
  • Forming positive image of the company;
  • Optimizing time of customer service;
  • Analysing needs and expectations of customers;
  • Constant development of employees;
  • Constant development of Quality Management System in order to meet customers’ needs and expectations.
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