Dividend policy of Inter Cars SA for the years 2014-2016.


The Management Board, recommending distribution of profit for the years 2014-2016, shall be recommending to the Supervisory Board and the General Shareholders Meeting payment of dividend from generated net profit in each financial year in the amount not higher than 60% of consolidated net profit of Inter Cars SA Capital Group for that particular year. 


The proposal of the Management Board on distribution of profit in particular financial year, including pay-out of the dividend in compliance with the rules adapted in dividend policy, shall depend additionally on investment plans of the Company, existing liabilities (including restrictions resulting from conditions of financing used by the Company), and also assessment of perspectives of company development in current market conditions prepared by the board of directors and supervisory board.


The content of "Dividend policy of Inter Cars SA. for the years 2014-2016" was announced to the public in the current report No 8/2015 of 5 May 2015. 

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