Sales revenue of distribution companies of Inter Cars Capital Group increased in August by 21.7% YoY, to PLN 586.1 million, announced the Company.


The sales of the parent company Inter Cars increased by 15.9% YoY, to PLN 457.1 million in August. Its sales revenue in Poland rose by 16.4% YoY to PLN 322.9 million, announced the Company.


Foreign distribution companies of Inter Cars recorded increased sales revenue by 27.1% YoY, reaching the amount of PLN 230.9 million.


Inter Cars Romania – had the highest sales revenues of all the Group’s foreign subsidiaries in March – PLN 57.1 million, followed by Inter Cars Bulgaria - PLN 24m and Inter Cars Lietuva (Lithuania) - PLN 23.7m.


Cumulatively, since the beginning of the year, the sales of the distribution companies of the Inter Cars Capital Group have increased by 14.9%, to PLN 4,350.8 million.


Inter Cars S.A. is the biggest distributor of spare parts for passenger cars and trucks in Central and Eastern Europe. The company went public on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2004. In 2016 it recorded PLN 5.9 billion in consolidated revenues.