It will be a place presenting the past, as well as the future of independent automotive garages in Poland.


The Development Zone is a unique area prepared in cooperation with Inter Cars Training Department, Garage Chains Department and Garage Equipment Department, especially for the 16th Exhibition Fair of Spare Parts, Tools and Garage Equipment. It will be designed on a symbolic timeline, presenting the past, the present and the future of the independent garages market in Poland.


The visitors of the Development Zone will first go through the recollections room, in which one will be able to get back in time to the beginnings of the automotive garages industry. Photos and tools from long ago shall be presented there. In another part of the Development Zone, the guests shall find out how to build top quality in their garages using tools supporting business development distributed by Inter Cars, such as technical and business trainings, quality audits, desktops with programs for technical servicing vehicles and managing the garage. They will also be presented solutions which enable them to meet the growing needs of the competitive independent market Participants of 16th EXPO of Inter Cars will also have the opportunity to see how the technical trainings of the future will look like, based on advanced technical designs, simulators and elements of virtual reality, entering the training market more and more boldly.


During the Expo, Inter Cars will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Q-Service chain. On this occasion, in the Development Zone, there will be a special VIP zone for chain customers. Another attraction waiting for the guests will be the finale of this year's edition of Master Mechanic competition, the biggest in Poland on-line contest of technical knowledge.


The way of getting to the Development Zone will also be extraordinary. In order to make it easier to get to the zone in the expo area there shall be a special city game. It will lead the participants through the whole area of the PGE National Stadium where the Expo will be held, and also point out interesting and special places, worth visiting. The most active participants will be granted rewards. Currently work on application for mobile phones is being done, whilst for traditional customers we shall also prepare the paper version, not requiring internet connection.