On the day of 3rd October 2014, Inter Cars SA. signed with mBank S.A., as a dealer, payments agent, depositary, calculation agent and technical agent and Bank Handlowy in Warsaw S.A., as dealer, payment sub-agent and sub-depositary a contract ("Programme Contract") regarding issuance of bonds by the Company up to the maximum amount of PLN 500,000,000 ("Bonds") and servicing by mBank S.A. the issuance of bonds offered between the companies from the Group (so called inter-group bonds).  

The Programme Contract makes it possible to issue Bonds offered within private offers for some investors (with no obligation of preparing issue prospectus) on the basis of art. 9 point 3 of Law on Bonds dated 29 June 1995 (as amended).  
The Bonds issued in compliance with Programme Contract will be unsecured bonds, authorizing bond holders only to receive cash benefits.  The Bonds will also have the possibility of being introduced into alternative system of bond trade led by Warsaw Stock Exchange or BondSpot S.A.  The current resolution of the management board dated 3rd October 2014 regarding Bond issuing programme and issuance of Bonds by the Company contains authorization for issuing Bonds of nominal value not higher than PLN 150,000,000.  
Detailed information of issuance of each series of Bonds, including their nominal value, issuance price, number of bonds, issue threshold, maturity date, interest rate, will each time be agreed and stipulated in relevant issue documents.  The Company shall bare standard costs of issuance of Bonds, including the dealer commission, after each finished issuance.  
The Program Contract is concluded for an indefinite time.