The Board of Directors of Inter Cars S.A. with its registered seat in Warsaw ("the Company") hereby informs that, as a result of programme of issuance of bonds, realized on the basis of a programme contract, about which the Company informed in current report no 23/2014 of 3 October 2014, the process of issuance of bonds, as described in article 9 point 3 of Act of Law on Bonds of 29 June 1995, on the day of 22 October 2014 the Company sent proposals of purchasing the Bonds to selected institutional investors, for the total amount of PLN 150,000,000 ("Bonds").  

The proposals of purchasing the Bonds included financial information, required by the Law on Bonds, about the company, but which has not been published beforehand by the Company.  The Company is planning that the issue of Bonds shall take place on 24 October 2014 after the Bonds have been paid for by the investors and registered correctly in register led by mBank S.A. and Bank Handlowy in Warsaw S.A.  
Following the rule of free and equal access to financial information regarding the Company, the Company hereby quotes below selected estimated financial data and estimated structure of financial commitments included in the offer of purchasing the Bonds passed to investors.  
Estimated value of financial commitments of the Company as at 30 September 2014. 
The Board of Directors of the Company estimates that as at 30 September 2014 unaudited value of separate financial commitments of the Company reached the level of PLN 925,614k.  .
Perspectives of financial commitments of the Company until full maturity of Bonds. 
The perspectives of shape of financial commitments of the Company, until full maturity of Bonds and buyback in the opinion of the Board of Directors, shall provide punctual payment of cash commitments and continuity of core business of the Issuer.