Below you will find results of a survey conducted on 22nd May 2013, just after a conference summarising results of Inter Cars S.A. for the year 2012 and presenting plans for the coming years. The survey was about the form of presenting information regarding investor relations. It also assessed the level of content-related information and the topic of conference. We invited Investors, Shareholders, Business Partners and Media Representatives to take part in the survey. We would like to thank all those who participated in the survey.


Focus group:

  • Analysts - 32%
  • Business Partners - 32%
  • Investors - 28%
  • Media Representatives - 8%

The most important tools of IR

100% Investors and Media Representatives pointed at WEBPAGE as the most important tool of IR communication. Also for Analysts and Business Partners webpage was very important (respectively 75% and 87.5% of respondents). Every 8th Investor and Analyst and every 6th Business Partner pointed at press conference. 100% of Journalists and ¼ of Business Partners considered newsletter to be the tool which delivered the most information to them.


Please point out 2 most important for YOU tools of IR communication:

Webpage ic_ankieta1_1.png
Press conference ic_ankieta1_2.png
Newsletter ic_ankieta1_3.png


Stock chats ic_ankieta1_5.png
  inwestorzy.png Investors   analitycy.png Analysts   partnerzy.png Partners media.png Media


Forms of presenting information

We also asked about the for of presenting information about public limited company. The most convenient turned out to be current reports (pointed out by 100% journalists, almost 86% investors, over 87% analysts and a half of business partners). Every other journalist and 86% of investors expect to get summaries from the Company in the form of a presentation. Such form is also considered the most convenient by every fourth analyst and business partner.


Please point out 2 forms of presenting information about public limited company, which are for you the most convenient.  

Current / interim report ic_ankieta2_1.png
Presentation of results ic_ankieta2_2.png
Results presented in Excel file form ic_ankieta2_3.png
Press release ic_ankieta2_4.png
A comment from the Board in a video form ic_ankieta2_5.png
Fact sheet ic_ankieta2_6.png
inwestorzy.png Investors   analitycy.png Analysts partnerzy.png Partners media.png Media

Conference essential assessment

100% of journalists, analysts and business partners and 71% of investors assessed our conference in a very positive way as regards its contents.


How do you assess the level of content related information included in the conference?

Very positive ic_ankieta3_1.png
High ic_ankieta3_2.png
Medium ic_ankieta3_3.png
I have no opinion ic_ankieta3_5.png
  inwestorzy.png Investors   analitycy.png Analysts   partnerzy.png Partners   media.png Media

Expectations of participants

The topics which were discussed during the conference were expected by 75% of business partners, 43% investors and all representatives of media, as well as every fourth analyst. More than a half of investors decided that there were most of topics interesting for them, 75% of analysts also decided this way.


Were the topics of the conference in compliance with your expectations?

YES, I was expecting those topics which were discussed and presented ic_ankieta4_1.png
YES, largely my expectations met with topics of the conference ic_ankieta4_2.png
NO, I was expecting something absolutely different  
No response ic_ankieta4_4.png
inwestorzy.png Investors   analitycy.png Analysts   partnerzy.png Partners   media.png Media

Gained information

We also asked respondents if during the meeting they got all information about Inter Cars S.A. which were interesting for them. 75% of business partners and 50% of analysts and media representatives decided that they got all information they were interested in. 71% of investors, 50% journalists, every fourth business partner and over 37% of analysts got most of the information they were interested in.


Did the conference today deliver you all the information you were interested in?

YES, I got all the information I was interested in ic_ankieta5_1.png
YES, I got most of information I was interested in ic_ankieta5_2.png
NO, I was expecting more detailed information ic_ankieta5_3.png
No response ic_ankieta5_4.png

  inwestorzy.png Investors   analitycy.png Analysts   partnerzy.png Partners media.png Media


The Board of IC thank very much for your time and participating in the survey. Information gathered this way will let us develop in the future. Thanks to your opinion we know, what to do developing our website, tools and choosing topics for future conferences.