The rule sets the need of giving a good example by you own activities, but also by educating stakeholders about the scope of social responsibility of the business. It also emphasises the need of transparency of activities performed by the Company.

Activities taken by companies in order to realize this policy allow to build the position of market leader and image of socially responsible business, but also increase reliability of the company among stakeholders. Following the rules of social responsibility of business among business partners and suppliers positively influence business relations and continuity and efficiency of cooperation.

Our strong points:

Additional activities we want to implement:

  • Inter Cars S.A. is a member of Association of Automotive Spare Parts Distributors and Polish Busines Roundtable.
  • The company cooperates constantly with customers and suppliers by focus surveys, exchanging knowledge and experiences during meetings, phone calls and mailing, etc.
  • The company has a defined organizational structure.
  • Putting into contracts with suppliers provisions on social responsibility of the business.
  • Auditing social report by an external auditing body.
  • Defining Corporate Social Responsibility management structure in the Company.
  • Describing and implementing total CSR strategy for the Company.
  • Creating and publishing report based on guidelines of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).
  • Training all employees regarding Corporate Social Responsibility of Inter Cars S.A., where the range is not just within Work Safety regulations.