This rule points at the need to adapt the business and offered products and services to social and environmental challenges, that companies are facing. It also shows the importance of cancelling all barriers, which currently make it impossible to use company’s products or services by particular social groups.

These activities are inspiration for innovation and can be the basis of further development of the company, new products and services, thanks to using the chances resulting from balanced development. These activities also support increasing Customer base, by delivering the products to those social groups which were previously excluded.

Our strong points:

Additional activities we want to implement:

  • Introducing into the offer products for discriminated groups, e.g. with lower income – private brand products.
  • Promotion of goods, e.g. which include higher requirements for environment protection, during industry fairs.
  • Having diversified (i.a. different price range and availability) product range which responses to Customers’ needs.
  • Keeping dedicated technical helpdesk and Motointegrator website.
  • Inter Cars S.A. needs to take education and communication activities aimed to increase availability and access to goods and services by people from discriminated groups, e.g. with lower income.
  • Adapting Inter Cars S.A. premises to the needs of handicapped people.
  • Considering environmental issues when designing new products or introducing new products into the market.