This rule emphasises the meaning of ethics and responsibility in relations with other people and market participants – customers, competition, suppliers and also representatives of public sector.

Actions taken within this rule allow building long-term relations with all participants of the market, but also help to improve business operations thanks to listening to comments and opinions from customers and stakeholders.

Our strong points:

Additional activities we want to implement:

  • 45% of employees were trained regarding anticorruption procedures and policy.
  • Inter Cars S.A. performs customer satisfaction surveys and has a loyalty programme.
  • The Company has ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate.
  • Creating regulations for cooperation with business partners in Ethics Code for Suppliers.
  • Implementing a register of presents and funds passed to people and public institutions.
  • Creating and implementing a policy on operating win compliance with ethics and fair play towards competition.
  • Creating and implementing policy on participating in public social life and lobbing.
  • Creating a system of notifying about any breaches in such a way, that person notifying stays anonymous.