The basic assumption of this rule is that a responsible business should base its activities on ethics and common values, and employees should have possibility of education and further personal development. It also emphasises the fact that managing diversity may support innovation of organization and work effectiveness.

Activities in compliance with this rule help to gain and retain the best employees, strengthening their loyalty and help respond better to market needs, thanks to diversity of employees.

Our strong points:

Additional activities we want to implement:

  • Inter Cars S.A. implements actions directed to increase diversity in particular departments, e.g. in booking dept., where because of specific work conditions (e.g. lifting heavy loads) work safety regulations allow this.

  • High rate of employees are a subject to regular assessments – 95%.

  • Promote equity of employment despite specific structure of automotive industry and sales in compliance with work law regulations.

  • Inter Cars S.A. has Ethics Code.

  • Educating and sharing knowledge of entrepreneurship promotion and equal chances in employing men and women (diversity regarding sex).

  • Increasing the number of employees undergoing programs of skills development and education.

  • Providing trainings regarding Ethics Code for all employees (currently about 35%).

  • Publishing Ethics Code.