This rule regulates activities in area of communication and marketing. Division into two parts shows that this is not only about marketing communication, but also all other activities from this area taken by the company towards different groups of stakeholders.

These activities let the company build trust and on the other hand to manage reputational risks, which are resulting from unreliable communication and unethical marketing activities.

Our strong points:

Additional activities we want to implement:

  • Inter Cars S.A. has policy and procedures of marketing communication and sponsorship activities.
  • Information about stakeholder structure of the company are always published and updated on website.
  • Implementing external codes of practice for responsible marketing activities.
  • Publishing information about policy and Corporate Responsibility activities of the Company.
Within this rule Inter Cars S.A. got a very high number of points (84% of points). It is an area, in which activities required by the code are taken, and they should mostly be directed at continuing activities already taken.