I We set the standards and educate regarding responsible business aspects

The rule sets the need of giving a good example by you own activities, but also by educating stakeholders about the scope of social responsibility of the business. It also emphasises the need of transparency of activities performed by the Company.

Activities taken by companies in order to realize this policy allow to build the position of market leader and image of socially responsible business, but also increase reliability of the company among stakeholders. Following the rules of social responsibility of business among business partners and suppliers positively influence business relations and continuity and efficiency of cooperation.

Our strong points:

Additional activities we want to implement:

  • Inter Cars S.A. is a member of Association of Automotive Spare Parts Distributors and Polish Busines Roundtable.
  • The company cooperates constantly with customers and suppliers by focus surveys, exchanging knowledge and experiences during meetings, phone calls and mailing, etc.
  • The company has a defined organizational structure.
  • Putting into contracts with suppliers provisions on social responsibility of the business.
  • Auditing social report by an external auditing body.
  • Defining Corporate Social Responsibility management structure in the Company.
  • Describing and implementing total CSR strategy for the Company.
  • Creating and publishing report based on guidelines of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).
  • Training all employees regarding Corporate Social Responsibility of Inter Cars S.A., where the range is not just within Work Safety regulations.


II We are supporting economic and social development

This rule stresses the role of the company as a business, but also as a subject operating within particular local community, on which the company has influence. It stresses that there are certain expectations towards the company, but also the company has some obligations towards the society that it operates in. 

Activities taken by companies in order to realize this rule allow business development by supporting economic development of the region, but also building long-term positive relations of the company with local society.

Our strong points:

Additional activities we want to implement:

  • Inter Cars S.A. realizes on a regular basis cooperation programs with schools (Young HR Programme) and training programs (mostly technical trainings) for garage chain , inter alia during “Show Car” training programme.
  • The company donates to charities and take charity actions, especially for children.
  • Educate and share knowledge with entrepreneurs representing middle and small companies sector.
  • 100% of employees from local market.
  • Inter Cars S.A. regulates its tax obligations.
  • Creating voluntary programme for employees, adapted to possibilities and operation specifics of Inter Cars S.A.
  • Creating a total plan of social engagement and sponsorship.
  • Monitoring the rate of employees being engaged in different charity activities.
  • Keeping dialogue with local society on the basis of AA1000SES standard in order to recognize the needs and expectations of local market towards the Company.


III We respect our employees and provide them fair and just working conditions

The rule stresses the fact that fair and just working conditions and respect towards employees is the basis of building positive relations in workplace. It also points out that it is impossible to build positive relations without dialogue with employees.
Activities taken by the company in this matter help building common responsibility of employees and employer with the company and increase loyalty, satisfaction and sense of identity with the company.

Our strong points:

  • 99% of employees have an employment contract.
  • Inter Cars S.A. has policy and procedures of following the rules of human rights guidelines, including anti-racism and discrimination.
  • Employee's council operates within the Company.
  • Employees of the Company can communicate with the Board and supervisors directly during meetings and also using special mailboxes.
Within this rule Inter Cars S.A. got a high number of points (88%), that is why there are no activities suggested to implement in the future. It is an area, in which activities required by the code are taken, and they should mostly be directed at continuing activities already taken.


IV We are building corporate culture based on values and individual needs of employees

The basic assumption of this rule is that a responsible business should base its activities on ethics and common values, and employees should have possibility of education and further personal development. It also emphasises the fact that managing diversity may support innovation of organization and work effectiveness.

Activities in compliance with this rule help to gain and retain the best employees, strengthening their loyalty and help respond better to market needs, thanks to diversity of employees.

Our strong points:

Additional activities we want to implement:

  • Inter Cars S.A. implements actions directed to increase diversity in particular departments, e.g. in booking dept., where because of specific work conditions (e.g. lifting heavy loads) work safety regulations allow this.

  • High rate of employees are a subject to regular assessments – 95%.

  • Promote equity of employment despite specific structure of automotive industry and sales in compliance with work law regulations.

  • Inter Cars S.A. has Ethics Code.

  • Educating and sharing knowledge of entrepreneurship promotion and equal chances in employing men and women (diversity regarding sex).

  • Increasing the number of employees undergoing programs of skills development and education.

  • Providing trainings regarding Ethics Code for all employees (currently about 35%).

  • Publishing Ethics Code.


V We care for health and safety of our employees and receivers of our products and services

This rule emphasises that safety is a very important issue, which currently applies mostly to employees, but also responsibility for safety in other areas, especially manufacturing and using products or services.

Actions taken by the Company within this rule are supporting management of risk of loss of reputation, which results from not providing suitable product safety, but also increase the feeling of safety of employees.

Our strong points:

  • Training all employees in first aid procedures.
  • All products contain information regarding health and use safety.
  • Inter Cars S.A. has all certificates and homologations ensuring product safety.
  • The policy of work safety in implemented in the Company, and all employees are aware of it. 
Within this rule Inter Cars S.A. got a high number of points (92%), that is why there are no activities suggested to implement in the future. It is an area, in which activities required by the code are taken, and they should mostly be directed at continuing activities already taken.


VI We are conducting our economic activity based on trust and partnership

This rule emphasises the meaning of ethics and responsibility in relations with other people and market participants – customers, competition, suppliers and also representatives of public sector.

Actions taken within this rule allow building long-term relations with all participants of the market, but also help to improve business operations thanks to listening to comments and opinions from customers and stakeholders.

Our strong points:

Additional activities we want to implement:

  • 45% of employees were trained regarding anticorruption procedures and policy.
  • Inter Cars S.A. performs customer satisfaction surveys and has a loyalty programme.
  • The Company has ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate.
  • Creating regulations for cooperation with business partners in Ethics Code for Suppliers.
  • Implementing a register of presents and funds passed to people and public institutions.
  • Creating and implementing a policy on operating win compliance with ethics and fair play towards competition.
  • Creating and implementing policy on participating in public social life and lobbing.
  • Creating a system of notifying about any breaches in such a way, that person notifying stays anonymous.


VII Reliable communication and responsible marketing activities

This rule regulates activities in area of communication and marketing. Division into two parts shows that this is not only about marketing communication, but also all other activities from this area taken by the company towards different groups of stakeholders.

These activities let the company build trust and on the other hand to manage reputational risks, which are resulting from unreliable communication and unethical marketing activities.

Our strong points:

Additional activities we want to implement:

  • Inter Cars S.A. has policy and procedures of marketing communication and sponsorship activities.
  • Information about stakeholder structure of the company are always published and updated on website.
  • Implementing external codes of practice for responsible marketing activities.
  • Publishing information about policy and Corporate Responsibility activities of the Company.
Within this rule Inter Cars S.A. got a very high number of points (84% of points). It is an area, in which activities required by the code are taken, and they should mostly be directed at continuing activities already taken.


VIII We are creating and developing products and services in response to new social and environmental challenges

This rule points at the need to adapt the business and offered products and services to social and environmental challenges, that companies are facing. It also shows the importance of cancelling all barriers, which currently make it impossible to use company’s products or services by particular social groups.

These activities are inspiration for innovation and can be the basis of further development of the company, new products and services, thanks to using the chances resulting from balanced development. These activities also support increasing Customer base, by delivering the products to those social groups which were previously excluded.

Our strong points:

Additional activities we want to implement:

  • Introducing into the offer products for discriminated groups, e.g. with lower income – private brand products.
  • Promotion of goods, e.g. which include higher requirements for environment protection, during industry fairs.
  • Having diversified (i.a. different price range and availability) product range which responses to Customers’ needs.
  • Keeping dedicated technical helpdesk and Motointegrator website.
  • Inter Cars S.A. needs to take education and communication activities aimed to increase availability and access to goods and services by people from discriminated groups, e.g. with lower income.
  • Adapting Inter Cars S.A. premises to the needs of handicapped people.
  • Considering environmental issues when designing new products or introducing new products into the market.


IX We care for natural environment

This rule shows that each company, although in different extend, has influence on natural environment. That is why it is important to look for solutions and possibilities of limiting negative influence of the company on natural environment.

Actions taken by companies help to reduce cost in all areas of business activity of the company (production, logistics, office) thanks to limiting the use of energy and materials.

Our strong points:

Additional activities we want to implement:

  • Remanufacturing automotive spare parts by one of our daughter companies.
  • All packaging is made or recycled materials.
  • The company is recycling its waste.
  • Activities aimed to reduce the use of paper (e.g. dedicated e-mail footer or sending e-cards instead of traditional paper Christmas Cards).
  • Education activities for employees regarding environment protection.
  • Performing analysis of influence of Company's activities on natural environment and than publishing its results.
  • Performing analysis of consumption of gas, electricity and other utilities and taking initiatives aimed to limit the use of them.
  • Taking activities aimed to limit emission of greenhouse gasses, e.g. by installing solar panels on the roofs of company premises.
  • Implementing a total and complete system of environment management.


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