is a modern Internet platform for retail customers. In an easy and user friendly way it makes it possible for the customers to buy goods from Inter Cars S.A. product range. What makes our solution different from other e-shops is possibility of buying goods together with garage services.
Motointegrator is: 
  • Over 1,000 garages and 140 points in which goods can be collected, nationwide
  • Internet platform for selling automotive goods and services
  • Unique offer of goods combined with garage services
  • Open 24/7 customer service centre
  • One million products
  • Wide offer of repair services
  • 3 years warranty for all parts assembled in Motointegrator garage chain
  • Delivery within 24 hours – to garage, branch or directly to the custome
  • Free of charge delivery – for purchases over 500 PLN
  • Loyalty system for returning customers including e.g. road care

The grand premiere of new, innovative website took place during 12th EXPO of Inter Cars S.A. This is first in Poland so professional e-commerce website in automotive industry.

Getting to the site you can buy automotive spare parts and accessories there, and at the same time you can order assembling those parts in one of our professional garages. There are over 1,000 garages all over Poland, thanks to this our Customers can choose location which is the most convenient for them. Well developed distribution chain assures delivery of goods within 24 hours. Also in case of product range, our competition is far behind – our product range consists of over one million products. We are also securing transactions, that is why customers co willingly use (each month the website has around 950,000 unique visitors).

Such innovative solution appealed to our business partners. Motointegrator provides for them better exhibition of the products and modern promotion tools for our suppliers. Whereas garages cooperating with us gain new customers. The platform influenced sales increase, and this will work for measurable profits for our shareholders.

We are working hard on building brand recognition of the website. Krzysztof Hołowczyc endorses our website. He became the ambassador of Motointegrator brand and with his name supports the project.

Download a presentation to find out what is: 

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