In Poland Inter Cars S.A. Group has the central warehouse located in Czosnów and 3 regional warehouses.  Efficient logistic chain made dynamic growth of sales possible by now, but the logistics potential that the Company has (storing area, logistics technologies and IT systems) for some time now might have been slowing down the development and being a barrier for dynamic growth of the Group.  After having analysed several models, the most convenient way turned out to be concentration of storing services, logistics and transportation rendered by ILS Sp. z o.o. and building the European Centre of Logistics and Development of ILS Sp. z o.o.

Because of the above ILS, logistic company of the Group, is planning to create in Zakroczym nearby Warsaw-Modlin Airport, a modern logistics centre.  The centre will employ around 250 people. The new logistic management centre will be realizing the following tasks: accepting the goods from suppliers, order realization, order picking, breaking bulk and returns of goods, and cross-docking.  The centre will be operating more efficiently not only because of locating all logistics activities in one place, but also thanks to technical solutions used in it. 
The New Logistics Centre is to increase efficiency of flow of goods and make it possible to render logistic services, what can influence the position, competitiveness and potential of the whole Group. 
Expected time of completion is the end of 2018. 
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