The representatives of Inter Cars SA. and the Young HR programme took part in grand opening of Regional Training Centre (on 12 December 2014) in Mechanical School Complex at 22 Osmańczyka Street in Opole. 

The ceremony was participated by:  Witold Kmieciak, member of the board of Inter Cars SA, representatives of suppliers, local authorities and education authorities. The school in Opole is a number 15 in the Young HR programme, thanks to which the school received equipment worth PLN 100,000 and a training package worth PLN 30,000. 
The devices delivered to the school are, among others: BOSCH ACS 752 A/C servicing station, diagnostic tester Bosch FSA 760, CONTI and SEALEY (testers), brake disk runout measuring tool by SCNGRIP, PROFITOOL head and valves servicing tool, SONIC tools trolley with 485 tools set, or a modern tool for changing brake fluid made by TRW AUTOMOTIVE. 
This modern equipment, in combination with a package of extra classes, helps the pupils gain qualifications that will later help them find work faster, and the employer to find a precious qualified worker.  Participation in the programme is realized in the form of extra classes, which allow students gain knowledge about modern motorization, confirmed with tests and a certificate. In general, graduates have lack of experience and knowledge about modern tools and technologies, as they are not usually available in their schools.  That is why the initiative of Inter Cars is so much in place.  Thanks to this, the pupil gains experience and knowledge, which an experienced employer is able to apprentice after a short probationary period of work - usually after just 2 months.  This is also an important information for the employer, to look for technicians in schools cooperating with Inter Cars.  This, in turn, will allow him not to waste time and money on selection of candidates for employees and their trainings.  And what does Inter Cars gain on this?  Besides brand image building success of the pro public bono campaign, the company gets into minds of participants of the programme, not only as a seller of products and services, but also as a source of know-how. 
The event was started, hosted and moderated by Headteacher of Mechanical School Complex in Opole, Bogusław Januszko, who together with Mr Witold Kmieciak signed a cooperation contract within regional training centre. 
Mechanical School Complex in Opole is not only one of the best schools in the region, but also in the country. 
Currently we have 254 students learning such trades as: passenger vehicle mechanic, passenger vehicle technician and vehicle electromechanics.  In addition we also teach mechatronics technicians, but by our connections with motorization industry we deliver our pupils with knowledge on mechatronics and cars - said director  Januszko.
As a proof of the right direction of the school and high level of education, he quoted an interesting practice realized by the school. 
At lest once a year we ask the employment office how many of our students/graduates are registered as unemployed in the office.  As at today, only 6 graduates from last year has not found a job yet, out of around 250 graduates of our school - added B. Januszko. 
No wonder that such a school is already cooperated with by several companies, including Audi, Renault, Orlen and also Inter Cars.  What business partners it is best to cooperate with?  According to the headmaster:  
With big, such as Inter Cars, it is much better to cooperate, as their offer is extensive and allows realizing one, comprehensive teaching programme.  
In a speech delivered by Maciej Bobrowski, Manager of Technical Trainings Department in Inter Cars SA., the guests could hear not only about the causes of initiating the campaign by Inter Cars SA., but also abut huge influence of spare parts manufacturers and distributors on automotive industry.  On one of the charts the visitors could see a share of manufacturers of parts for the first assembly, which right now reached 85% of all vehicle elements.  Only 15% of parts are made in factories of carmakers, that is why the knowledge on spare parts is more and more valuable and needed for schools and pupils in them.  Also the teachers need to learn, that is why they were not forgotten in the programme - part of the training package of Inter Cars is for the teachers only.  
Inter Cars S.A. in cooperation with its business partners wants to create the automotive market and set new trends, by flow of knowledge among partners of the programme, trainings, trainer programs and internships - said M. Bobrowski. 
Till the end of 2014, the Young HR programme included 15 schools. The aim of the programme is to associate 25 schools all over the country by the end of 2016. The year 2014 is also the year when students participating in the programme graduate their schools for the first time. Inter Cars wants to use social media to stay in touch with them. This way it will be possible to monitor if they stay in the industry.  Staying in touch with what they have learnt.  This shall be a constant practice thanks to which we will be able to monitor the effectiveness of the programmes in the future.
Very pleasant fact for us was a presentation delivered by one of female-pupils (yes, this is not a mistake!) of automotive profile, based on materials published in "Nowoczesny Warsztat" magazine.  Each issue of the monthly magazine is read by the headmaster - as the first, later by other teachers and pupils.