Employees of Inter Cars SA. Group ran together during the Independence Run in Warsaw, covering the distance of 10km.  Everyone with different targets, but as one team - 20 employees ran together.  This was the first start of the Motointegrator.pl running club.  

Although the results were not so important this time, majority of participants reached decent results of between 50 minutes and 1 hour. Less experienced members of the club slightly crossed the border of 1 hour.  What is important is the initiative and spending time together.  Additionally, club members support a noble matter.  Each kilometre ran in the trainings and in official runs is 10 points in IC Premia programme, which next will be changed into material help for one of the foundations.
The first official run of the club is passed. This means that we can consider the grand inauguration of the club as done.  This shows that among the employees of Inter Cars SA. Group there are many running fans, who wish to tighten social relations by sports activity.  Till this moment the club has been joined by over 60 people. This means that in further runs there will be more and more participants from Inter Cars SA. Group. 
source: motofocus.pl